Debbie’s Antics – January 2020

Well… I think I’ve fallen behind a little in my ‘monthly blog’ haven’t I? #fail

I will post what I’ve been up to over the last couple of months, although I might forget a few things. Christmas already feels like a lifetime ago, don’t you think?


Image result for graduation hat"How are my studies going I hear you ask? Well, not bad if I’m honest. I am doing A363 Creative Writing with the Open University. I’ve had two assignments marked, scoring 79% and 82%, which I am very pleased with although I can’t say I’m loving this module so far. You know I love writing, but my second assignment was adapting a short story of mine into a stage play. I’ve never done this before (so 82% is an impressive score) and my third assignment submitted this week was critiquing someone else’s work. I know I kind of do this as a proof-reader anyway, but it wasn’t helping me to be creative. We’ll see how well I do but my heart wasn’t in it.


Image result for writing clipart"The second draft of ‘Holiday Date’ is complete! There will be one or two more before it is ready, but we’re nearly there. The cover is almost finalised so I can reveal that to you soon, but I’m currently planning all my promo for the release. I have selected a few ARC readers who will receive their e-copy early-mid March and I’m so excited to see what they think. It’s so nerve wracking though! I’ve picked people who have read and loved ‘Blind Date’, but will they like the sequel? Have I done the characters justice? Will their excitement and anticipation be a waste? Sooooo much anxiety right now.


The Retreat by [Smith, Sherri]Last year I set a challenge of reading 10 books, and I managed 16! This year I’ve set a challenge of 20… but so far, I am failing. It’s already the end of January and I haven’t finished anything!! I have started reading ‘The Retreat’ by Sherri Smith. I’m only a few chapters in, but I can tell it is going to be an exciting read. Unfortunately, other things have been getting in the way of reading for pleasure. I’m focusing a lot of my time on my own book release, but my second and third uni assignments had to be submitted this month. Also, some nights, I just want to go to bed lol. My next assignment is due in 2-3 weeks, but its not a taxing one as its just a proposal of an idea for my final EMA, so hopefully I’ll have some spare time to get some reading done 😊

Other things I’ve been up to

Erm… I can’t remember. What have I been up to? Memory of a bloody fish…

Christmas was good! My best friend came up from London with her other half and we had a big friends night out in Halifax. It was the first time we’ve all been out us girls with our hubbies so a milestone and a fantastic night.

At the beginning of this month we bid bon voyage to my brother and sister in law as they set sail on a four-month cruise! They’re on the trip of a lifetime, sailing around the world, and won’t be back until early May. I’m missing them so much already. They can’t have their phones connected to the ship wifi constantly as its so expensive so I can’t just chat to them whenever. I’ve sent my sis in law a load of messages over the last few days actually so when she finally does switch on she will be bombarded hahaha sorry Bex!

Author stuff

I was recently interviewed by the lovely Kayleigh ( who asked me a few questions and wrote a fantastic review of ‘Blind Date’, you can find the interview and review here >>


Dates for your diary!

3rd April 2020 – launch of ‘Holiday Date’ on kindle

30th May 2020 – Indie Fire Writers Conference event, Kirkgate Centre in Shipley

1st August 2020 – Indie Fest UK event, Kala Sangam Arts Centre, Bradford

19th September 2020 – Liverpool Author Book Signing, The Merseyside Maritime Museum, Liverpool

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