The Tatty Batties

Cooped up in cages with no room to move,

They looked miserable, weak and stricken.

Their bright golden feathers had all fallen out,

It was no life for a clucky chicken.


They’d never seen the light of day,

Or felt the grass beneath their feet.

Never felt the wind beneath their wings,

Just eat, sleep, lay eggs, repeat.


Out popped the eggs like clockwork,

It was their only requirement.

But that dreaded day would soon arrive,

For the chicken’s fatal retirement.


If not for the likes of those volunteers,

Saving the hens in their hundreds.

Their fate would have been inevitable…

They would have been cruelly slaughtered.


Dom and Bex made a wonderful home,

For Edith, Marjory, Agnes and Blanche.

But the poor old girls were terrified,

Of their new, perfect outdoor ranch.


For the first few days they were scared and fearful,

They struggled to find their feet.

But with the help of their new loving family,

Their lives became complete.

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