The Runaway Girl

Problems at home lead to a drastic decision for sixteen-year-old Michelle, who decides to leave her Yorkshire home for the city lights of London in order to escape the toxic people she calls parents. Mistreated by a step-father, Steven, who throws around his weight in verbal onslaughts and terrifying threats and constantly ignored by a mother who doesn’t see her partner for the man he really is, Michelle makes plans to leave them both behind. But the bright possibility of London quickly fades as her lack of money, experience and friends means that the teenager has simply swapped one terrible situation for another.

   After an eye-opening night on the streets, Michelle is taken in by Rebecca, a seemingly friendly face who lets the teen stay at her place. The decision to escape her parents finally seems to be worth the risk, that is, until Rebecca capitalises on Michelle’s naivety and introduces her to the world of prostitution in order to pay her back for her supposed “kindness”.

   Doubting her decision but indebted to Rebecca, Michelle is forced to adjust to her new life, making lifelong friends with other wayward teens in the process. One boy in particular, Tony, acts as a rock and a driving force of hope during this difficult time. But is this newfound companionship enough to get Michelle to finally take control and get her life back on the promising track it once was?

   Friendship, betrayal and hope is all brought to the forefront in Debbie Ioanna’s gripping new drama, Runaway Girl. Although the move to London initially seemed like nothing but another waking nightmare, could it be the blessing in disguise Michelle needs in order to realise the strength she always had and face her demons once and for all?

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