100 Word Stories

  1. The Hardest Goodbye

Her tiny feet followed me down the stairs. She met me, as she did each morning, at the bedroom door and followed me to the bathroom. She went to her food bowl and I went to shower. That was our morning. Every morning. Without fail. She looked at me with her big blue eyes, the eyes that said ‘I love you’, I liked to think. Her whiskers white like the tips of her toes.

I finished my shower and went to find her. ‘Why aren’t you breathing Blossom?’ I asked, as she was curled up by my wardrobe, lifeless. Gone.


2. The Drive

Why, when I am in a rush to get to work, do I get stuck behind the bus? The slow school bus stopping at every stop. It is too foggy to overtake.

What is this? An opportunity? I must take it, and around I go. Third gear how I missed you.

I hit the dreaded road works but after fifteen painful minutes of waiting, I am back on my way. I am almost reunited with fourth gear.

Oh of course, now the tractor pulls out in front of me. How could my day get worse?

Bang, a flat tyre. Why?


3. The Spanish Grandma

“Are you hungry?” My Grandma asked whilst tying her apron.

“No, thank you Grandma.”

“Just a sandwich. You need some lunch.”

“Ok, just a sandwich. A small sandwich.”

“Ok, I’ll go make it.” Off she went to the kitchen. There was lots of noise. Too much noise for a small sandwich.

Back she came with a tray; two sandwiches, two slices of cake, two cherry bakewells and a plate of ginger biscuits.

“Grandma, this is too much, I can’t eat all this!” I exclaimed.

“Just eat this now and I’ll put the pizza in a lunchbox when it has cooked.”

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